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Why You Need a Site Scaffold Alarm

When scaffolding is up on your building site, your equipment and your client’s possessions can be at risk from vandalism and theft. And if you don’t have a scaffold alarm installed, or the appropriate insurance providers haven’t been notified that scaffolding has been erected, policies can become null and void.

scaffolding alarm

It’s not just insurance that can be affected by not having an alarm on your scaffolding. When it’s up, anyone and everyone has access to floors, rooms and roofs which can have devastating effects. The theft of equipment and vandalism of property can be extremely costly, and cause hold ups on big projects that lead to downtime and loss of revenue. Naturally, this doesn’t just apply on building and renovation projects in city centre locations, but also in rural areas too.

Scaffolding can be a huge safety hazard, especially to youngsters looking for somewhere to explore. When none of your workers are on site, there’s no one to stop people clambering up the scaffolding boards ‘for fun’ and having a nasty accident. In these situations, an alarm system can be the deterrent you need to protect your site and potentially save lives.

At Suttie Site Services, we offer a range of scaffold alarms and will work with you to find the system best suited to your requirements. We have a wide range of beam and PIR sensors, lighting and CCTV systems that will allow you to deter, detect and record intruders.

Furthermore, all our equipment meets the most up to date regulations and uses sophisticated technology to make sure you, your tools and your site are suitably protected, with minimal risk of false activations.

To speak to us about how we can help protect your site with a low-cost scaffold alarm, please call 0844 241 5300. We don’t just offer very competitive rates, but a first-class service too.