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Making Your Home and Office More Secure with a Key Holding Service

Winter offers a prime time for burglars and intruders – it’s dark earlier, curtains are drawn before 8pm and throughout November and December, many of us are out and about enjoying the festivities.

And while you might think leaving a key under a flower pot, or giving someone a spare key is perfectly safe behaviour, it’s not. While many people might be guilty of doing these things, if that key gets into the wrong hands it can jeopardise not only your possessions, but the wellbeing of your family or staff too.

Despite many of us knowing the dangers of leaving our home or business vulnerable to thieves and opportunists, a recent study found that British homeowners are regularly leaving their homes vulnerable to break ins[1]. Younger people between the ages of 18 and 24 were shown to be the least worried about security, with a staggering 57 per cent stating that they’ve shared their location on social media when not at home[2].

With the pressures of everyday life, you may not have even thought about a key holding service for your home or business premises. But with Home Security Month in full swing, it’s time to turn your attention to the benefits and protection that using this kind of service can offer:

  1. It can be a saviour in emergencies

By safeguarding a set of keys to your home or business, you can be sure that you have someone on hand 24/7 should any emergencies arise. Perhaps you’re away and your office alarm goes off, or your home alarm sounds while you’re on holiday. Whatever it is, your key holder should have a rapid response unit which means someone should be able to get to the emergency quickly and professionally.

  1. It can provide access to contractors

If you’re having work done on your office and you live a fair distance from site, you don’t necessarily want to be making multiple trips to let in contractors. Using a key holding service can ease this burden by helping provide access.

  1. It can let you back into your home if you lose your key

At some point in our lives, it happens to us all – we drop our keys when out and about and suddenly find we’re locked out of our home. A key holding service is a fantastic insurance policy to ensure you get back into your home quickly and easily, without the immediate problem of trying to get in.

  1. You don’t have to leave a key under a flowerpot

Leaving a key in an outside space, such as under a flowerpot or behind a hedge, can be an attractive option when there’s a colleague or family member that needs to get into your home or office. But burglars are now wise to the ‘key under a flower pot’ key storage method, and can gain access to your home or office easily, quickly and quietly. A key holding service is far safer and means that you run less of a risk of a burglar gaining access.

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think

Home and office security is something that you can’t put a price on. Whether you’re looking to protect your personal valuables and family, or your office equipment and staff, a key holding service can keep everything and everyone safer. What’s more, it’s not always as expensive as you think and is definitely worth investigating.

At Suttie Site Services, we offer both a residential and commercial key holding service in and around Brighton. For pricing or more information, please call: 0844 241 5300.