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How to keep your construction site secure this Christmas

As the festive season approaches the construction industry will begin to wind down in preparation for the annual Christmas close-down. This leaves sites across the country largely unused until the new year and more vulnerable to burglary, arson and vandalism.

Fortunately, there are a number of third-party services available to help keep sites safe and secure over this period – ranging from physical man guarding solutions to state-of-the-art alarm and prevention systems.

Here we highlight just a few of the security options supplied by Suttie Site Services that can help to keep your construction site secure this Christmas.


CCTV Cameras

Our close circuit television cameras are the perfect deterrent to potential intruders, offering surveillance that can span across an entire site. These hi-tech systems are designed and installed to meet the exact needs of your business and offer 24-hour monitored protection.


Specialist mobile alarms and scaffold alarms are designed to offer protection to the perimeter areas of a site that are most vulnerable to intruders. Suitable for use on any type of premises, these resilient and efficient systems help to eliminate the losses experienced through theft and vandalism.

Access control

Electronic access control systems are used to prevent unauthorised entrance to construction sites via standard doors and gating. Easy to install, these systems are set up with a simple code input that can be changed at regular intervals, helping to manage who has quick and convenient access to a site, and who doesn’t.

Man guarding

A physical presence on a construction site remains one of the most effective ways to deter criminals. This simple and cost-effective method guarantees around the clock protection and takes away the need for designated staff to respond to intruder alerts or false alarms over the Christmas period.

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Suttie Site Services is an established supplier to the construction industry serving South East England and neighbouring regions including Cambridgeshire, London, Surrey and Sussex.

If you would like to find out more about our range of site security systems and how they can help to secure your construction site this winter, please contact our friendly team today on 0844 241 5300.

Why Construction Site Security Must Improve in the Winter Months

Incidents of theft and vandalism on construction sites rise significantly during the winter months causing loss of equipment, earnings and delays in building time across the sector.

Here we look at a few of the key reasons that sites are at greater risk from November through to February, and how these issues can be avoided.

Longer, darker nights

As with all business, residential and commercial premises, construction sites are an easier target for criminals during the winter months when the days are shorter and the nights far longer. This allows thieves and vandals far greater opportunity to access a site when it is dark and unoccupied, and gives them more time to steal, damage and vandalise.

Preventing forced entry to a site is made much easier through investing in deterrents such as security cameras and alarm systems, significantly lowering the chance of break-ins.

Exposed equipment

Because heavy onsite equipment such as plant machinery is difficult to store away and secure overnight or during weekends, they are more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. These items are expensive and essential to building works, so theft or damage can cause considerable cost and delay to site operations.

Again, increasing site security with the introduction of CCTV and alarm systems will help to make would-be trespassers think twice, but physical man-guarding can prove to be even more effective.

The festive break

The construction industry enjoys a traditional ‘shut-down’ over the Christmas period that will often see site work stop for up to three weeks. During this period, sites will often be left unattended for long periods, making them an obvious target for criminal activity.

In addition to standard security measures, an increasing number of construction companies use home alarm systems. This advanced technology, that can be operated remotely from any mobile phone or tablet device, will inform key personnel as soon as an alarm is triggered on site, giving them the chance to take immediate action.

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Suttie Site Services is an established supplier to the construction industry serving South East England and neighbouring regions including Cambridgeshire, London, Surrey and Sussex.

If you would like to find out more about our range of Mobile Alarm Systems and how they can help to secure your construction site this winter, please contact our friendly team today on 0844 241 5300.

solar camera

Upgrade Your Security with Suttie Solcam

New to the Suttie Site Services security range is the high quality surveillance option, Suttie Solcam. This new remotely operated system is designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient, making it the perfect addition to your site.

There are many benefits to upgrading your security systems with our Suttie Solcam, including:

Improved Surveillance

The Suttie Solcam features a mini dome camera and is remotely operated with a remote pan and a tilt and zoom function. This allows flexible movement to monitor different areas of the site on a 24 hour time frame.

The 2.0 mega pixel camera provides clear recordings of the surrounding site, with a 4x optical zoom for when further areas need closer attention. Ideally, this model has been designed to guard construction and industrial sites and rural land.

Strong Deterrence

With the Suttie Solcam, there are also optional features available, including a loud horn. The loud horn is designed to deter unwanted visitors from your site, as the volume and pressure draws attention to them.

Solar Powered Flood Lights are also available to illuminate your site. This can make your site much more visible during dark nights and heavy weather conditions, when these conditions usually make sites more difficult to monitor.

PIR for motion detection also helps to protect your land, to warn you of any breaking and entering.

Weather Resistance

With a waterproof grade of IP66, you won’t need to worry about repairs over minor weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Upgrading your security to solar powered equipment is beneficial for both you as the homeowner and the environment.

Being a renewable energy makes it very efficient compared to other sources of energy, as it will always be accessible for as long as we have sunlight. It also lessens the need for fossil fuels to use as our traditional source of energy, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions contributing to air pollution.

Cost Efficiency

Solar power is a free source of energy and can therefore be a lot kinder to your electricity bills.

More Information

At Suttie Site Services we aim to provide an extensive range of site solutions for all construction environments. And with a new environmentally friendly, energy efficient product on the market, it is the new essential for site security.

For further details on our new Suttie Solcam visit our website today.

mobile alarm systems

Why Mobile Alarms Trump Wired Alarm Systems

In the past, alarming a construction site was a cumbersome and time-consuming job, involving metres and metres of wires, only for alarms to be set off by birds or strong winds, or if there was a genuine intruder, response times were so slow that the alarm was practically pointless. Luckily, mobile alarms provide a much-improved security solution.

Here are a few reasons why:

Installation is fast and simple

In most cases, wireless mobile alarm systems can be installed on site and fully-functioning in less than 20 minutes. In contrast, wired systems require much more installation time so that wires can be safely put in place. In some cases, installation of wired alarm systems can be quite destructive and can require further contractor services, whereas mobile alarms can be installed with very little hassle.

Animal and weather proof

When alarm systems are installed outside to protect the perimeter of a site or building, a major concern can be that the alarms will be triggered by roosting birds, strong winds or even rain or snow. At Suttie Site Services, the PIR detectors that are mobile alarm systems are pet tolerant, so they will not be activated by birds or small animals. They are also weather proof, so there’s no need to worry that alarms will sound every time there is a strong breeze.

Easy to use

Mobile alarm systems are designed to be extremely user friendly. They can be operated, armed and disarmed by multiple devices, including wireless keypads and key fobs, or by using a mobile app.

Faster support

Simply sounding the alarm is just not good enough when you need a fast response to the site in case of a break-in. Wireless alarm systems can be connected to multiple phone numbers to let you know straight away if an alarm is activated, allowing you to call for emergency services as quickly as possible. We can also connect mobile alarms to manned response units who can attend your site should an alarm be set off.

In the case of an alarm malfunction, manned response units can usually see what the problem is remotely. In many cases, issues can even be fixed online, without needing to attend the site. In the past, technicians would always be required to see to any problems on site, leading to increased downtime for security.

Battery powered

Mobile alarm systems are completely battery powered. Whilst this may sound like a negative, it is in fact a key benefit of wireless alarms. The detectors use Lithium batteries that last for up to five years with normal use, compared to relying on battery power, where we are encouraged to check on the battery power on a regular basis.

Whilst a lot of wired systems have battery backup, these are just for emergencies and will usually deplete quickly. Battery powered systems are designed to be much more robust and reliable, so even if power is out in the local area, security measures remain in place. A further benefit of wireless alarm systems is that intruders can’t cut the power lines to deactivate your alarms.

For further product information, or to discuss mobile alarms for your site, please call 0844 241 5300.

Top 5 Security Benefits of Man Guarding

In a world where technology advances more each day, we often forget that the simplest and more traditional methods can often be just as effective. Man guarding is the oldest form of security – in practice before cameras and electric fencing were ever thought of. But even today with the most high-tech security equipment there are still a lot of benefits to man guarding.

5 Reasons You Should Secure Your Premise with Man Guarding:

  1. Immediate Response

Cameras are great for monitoring activity and fencing is great for keeping unwanted visitors out, however, neither can defend your site when something does go wrong and you’re waiting for emergency response to race to the premises way after being alarmed.

Having security guards present at the scene during an emergency can get the situation under control quickly and efficiently.

  1. Deterrent for Troublemakers

Before breaking in, burglars will often drive by the premise to review what they can see of your security operations to guide their plan on not getting caught. However, having on-site security guards can be tricky to get around, as they can be anywhere at anytime and are trained to prevent these situations.

Therefore, seeing security guards walking up and down the premise can deter troublemakers from attempting a break in as it’s too high risk.

  1. Identifying Danger Before Technology

Despite how much security tech you may have in your building, it won’t protect you from everything. As manned guards monitor the premise they can identify issues that not a lot of technology can, such as gas leaks and weather damage. Also, with senses other than sight, security may be able to hear break-ins before they’re caught on camera.

  1. Protection During Technical Difficulties

In the rare case that your premises face technical difficulties at least you will have the reassurance of having on-site security guards. Technical difficulties could arise at any time and you may not even realise it when it happens. But as long as you have man guarding in place, you can feel peace of mind.

  1. Safe Environment for Employees & Customers

In retail and nightlife settings, having to face a security guard when trying to intimidate or show violent behaviour towards customers and employees can deter a lot of troublemakers. Manned security guards are trained to identify suspicious behaviour that could potentially lead to danger and prevent it before it escalates.

Here at Suttie Site Services, we provide man guarding services from fully trained individuals to keep your premises safe. Our additional services also include the installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarms for full security around the clock.

For more information visit our website or call us today on 0844 241 5300

Are You Providing Adequate Site Facilities?

With so much to think about when you’re planning work at a new construction site, it can be easy to forget about the basics. But one of the things you should always keep front of mind is whether your site meets the legal requirements for workplace welfare facilities.

At Suttie Site Services, we understand you’ve got a lot to think about, which is why we’re put our heads together to list the top welfare facilities you should consider before your team starts on a job:


  1. Toilets and washing facilities

Offering enough toilets and washing facilities like basins should be a prerequisite of any work site. The HSE states that workers should not have to queue for an unreasonable length of time, that all doors should be lockable and that where possible there should be separate cubicles for men and women.


Other things to think about include: ensuring you have disabled facilities as well as an adequate supply of toilet roll, sanitary bins, enough soap and a way of drying hands. For particularly dirty work, showers may be required[1].


  1. Drinking water

All sites should ensure that staff have an adequate supply of drinking water that is free from contamination. It doesn’t matter whether that is supplied through bottles of water, a fountain or through a mains supply – as long as it is easily accessible to everyone.


  1. Changing facilities

If your employees are doing work that means they need to get changed into specialist workwear, providing enough changing rooms is essential. These should provide a means for hanging clothes and ensure the privacy of all users.


  1. Rest facilities for pregnant or nursing mothers

If it is ‘reasonably practicable’ for you to do so, you may need to provide a room for pregnant or nursing mothers to rest or nurse. If you are unsure about this, it’s always worth checking in with the Health and Safety Executive.


  1. A place for meal breaks

Workers should have a suitable, hygienic place that they can use during meal breaks, which needs to be clean and situated where food won’t get contaminated.


Construction sites do not always have facilities and you may need to draft in specialists to set them up. At Suttie Site Services, we offer a range of temporary electrics and plumbing that may be useful in your quest for welfare facilities. What’s more, we work with tried and tested suppliers to deliver you the best site solutions, every day of the year. To see how we can help, please contact our expert team.


Why Your Construction Site Needs a Scaffold Alarm

Running a construction site can be a tricky business, but when a site becomes a victim of theft or vandalism, it can become even more complicated.

One of the things that can make a building site particularly vulnerable is scaffolding, so if you want to minimise risk, protect your possessions and keep people safe, installing a scaffold alarm is imperative. Here’s why:



While scaffolding is erected, it’s not just your equipment that’s up for grabs – it’s your client’s too. And if you don’t have a site scaffold alarm installed, or the appropriate insurance companies haven’t been told that scaffolding has been put up, policies can become null and void.



Scaffolding can provide an easy leg up, making your client’s property an easy target for vandals. The cost of rectifying vandalism can be extremely high, leading to irreparable damage, site downtime and loss of revenue. A scaffold alarm can act as enough of a deterrent, as well as alert you in the event that your site has trespassers.



Buildings that have scaffolding erected can be a huge temptation to youngsters looking for somewhere to explore. Unfortunately, scaffolding can pose a huge safety risk and left unsupervised, trespassers could do themselves some serious damage by slipping or falling. Installing a scaffold alarm helps deter intruders, and in turn can save lives.



Taking all machinery and equipment home at the end of a working day can be virtually impossible, so leaving some items on site is a given. A scaffold alarm acts as an extra insurance policy in protecting your equipment by acting as a deterrent to thieves and opportunists.


At Suttie Site Services, we offer a huge range of scaffold alarms perfect for your requirements. From beam and PIR sensors, to lighting and CCTV systems that will help you deter and detect intruders, we’re a one stop shop for all things site security. To find out more, please call us on: 0844 241 5300.

Keeping Your Construction Site and Staff Safe This Winter

With dark nights, threats of snow and gale force winds, winter is truly upon us. And with the winter conditions comes an increased risk of construction site accidents which can be disastrous, costly and even fatal.


If you run a construction site, there are various things you can do to protect your business, staff and bottom line this season. Here, we’ve put together a list of the top

Carry out a daily risk assessment

Winter weather is particularly unpredictable, and waking up with a thick blanket of snow or frost is not uncommon. Therefore, it’s important that you or a member of your team does a thorough site risk assessment at the start of each working day, and if necessary preventative measures are put in place.

Make sure your staff are trained on winter illnesses

If your team is outside for long periods of time, they can be at risk for illnesses like pneumonia, hypothermia and frostbite. Make sure you give your staff thorough training on winter illnesses and what they can do to protect themselves, such as wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and flagging things that might cause potential problems.

Encourage staff to swap settings

If your team is working on a building project that is part inside and part out, encourage them to swap settings occasionally to let their other team members warm up. If possible, try and offer them hot drinks on their breaks or encourage them to go to a café.

Use the right products

Each year, slippery scaffolding causes hundreds of accidents and fatalities. Keep your scaffolding safe by using de-icing products and grit, and make sure your team are wearing the correct boots with a good level of traction on.

Train vehicle users on winter driving

If your workers are using vehicles like cranes, diggers or pickers, make sure they know how to operate them in wintery conditions. Menaces like snow and ice can easily cause freak accidents, and it’s often these types of vehicles that play a part.

Provide the right PPE

HSE statistics reveal that autumn and winter see the highest number of slip and trip accidents. This is because of the increase in wet, muddy, icy environments and darker days. Providing your team with the correct safety footwear that features enhanced slip resistance can help protect them. Furthermore, other PPE like thermal coats, gloves, hats and work trousers can go some way in protecting them against the perils of the cold weather.

Protect your site too

It’s not only your workers who are more at risk during the winter months, your site is too. That’s because darker nights mean potential intruders can move around undetected, or even take shelter. Putting up site hoarding can be a very effective way of protecting your site and its contents, and scaffold alarms can be a good deterrent to trespassers who might not be afraid to brave the icy planks.

If you are looking to bolster your construction site security, or have any questions on the site or security services we provide, please call: 0844 241 5300.

Our Guide to Construction Site Security

Vandalism, equipment and material theft on construction sites are a major source of loss for building companies. And although insurance might offset some losses, you’re still sure to experience financial loss in the form of site downtime, production delays and the replacement of depreciated items with new equipment.

Making sure you have a watertight security plan for your construction site is the only way to ensure that your site and staff are well protected. At Suttie Site Services, we’ve come up with the top five ways that you can protect your site and profits.

  1. Have a plan

When you’re planning a major construction project, you’ll undoubtedly have several plans on the go simultaneously. But one of the plans that often gets overlooked is a job site security plan. Having a written security plan and policy specific to the job site is the only way you can ensure you have all bases covered. If you are unsure what needs doing, call in a professional to draw up a secure plan.

  1. Encourage site security awareness

If you have a weak link in your workforce that leaves your site open to intruders, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your security plan is. It only takes one member of staff to leave a gate open or not turn an alarm off to make your site a victim of a break in. Educate your workforce on site security and make them aware of all the protective measures you’ve put in place, so that they don’t accidentally slip up.

  1. Identify your valuable assets

Listing all your valuable tools and assets is particularly important and allows you to quickly notice if any are missing or damaged. If you do get broken into, it also gives you a clear list of possessions that you had on the job ready for insurance purposes.

  1. Invest in CCTV

CCTV is often used to enhance site security and can act as a deterrent to criminal activity. It’s always best to work out what type you will use at the site planning stage as it will determine which type of equipment is best for the job. CCTV images can be monitored on site or remotely, and most systems have an inbuilt speaker to allow a remote operator to issue commands, such as to warn intruders to leave a site.

  1. Invest in security fencing or a security officer

Aside from CCTV and scaffold alarms, investing in hoarding or an onsite security officer can be a fantastic way of bolstering security. Hoarding can help to hide any equipment that might be tempting to thieves, while having an onsite 24-hour presence is sometimes all you need to deter an intruder.

At Suttie Site Services, we offer a huge range of site security services. For more information please call: 0844 241 5300.

Making Your Home and Office More Secure with a Key Holding Service

Winter offers a prime time for burglars and intruders – it’s dark earlier, curtains are drawn before 8pm and throughout November and December, many of us are out and about enjoying the festivities.

And while you might think leaving a key under a flower pot, or giving someone a spare key is perfectly safe behaviour, it’s not. While many people might be guilty of doing these things, if that key gets into the wrong hands it can jeopardise not only your possessions, but the wellbeing of your family or staff too.

Despite many of us knowing the dangers of leaving our home or business vulnerable to thieves and opportunists, a recent study found that British homeowners are regularly leaving their homes vulnerable to break ins[1]. Younger people between the ages of 18 and 24 were shown to be the least worried about security, with a staggering 57 per cent stating that they’ve shared their location on social media when not at home[2].

With the pressures of everyday life, you may not have even thought about a key holding service for your home or business premises. But with Home Security Month in full swing, it’s time to turn your attention to the benefits and protection that using this kind of service can offer:

  1. It can be a saviour in emergencies

By safeguarding a set of keys to your home or business, you can be sure that you have someone on hand 24/7 should any emergencies arise. Perhaps you’re away and your office alarm goes off, or your home alarm sounds while you’re on holiday. Whatever it is, your key holder should have a rapid response unit which means someone should be able to get to the emergency quickly and professionally.

  1. It can provide access to contractors

If you’re having work done on your office and you live a fair distance from site, you don’t necessarily want to be making multiple trips to let in contractors. Using a key holding service can ease this burden by helping provide access.

  1. It can let you back into your home if you lose your key

At some point in our lives, it happens to us all – we drop our keys when out and about and suddenly find we’re locked out of our home. A key holding service is a fantastic insurance policy to ensure you get back into your home quickly and easily, without the immediate problem of trying to get in.

  1. You don’t have to leave a key under a flowerpot

Leaving a key in an outside space, such as under a flowerpot or behind a hedge, can be an attractive option when there’s a colleague or family member that needs to get into your home or office. But burglars are now wise to the ‘key under a flower pot’ key storage method, and can gain access to your home or office easily, quickly and quietly. A key holding service is far safer and means that you run less of a risk of a burglar gaining access.

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think

Home and office security is something that you can’t put a price on. Whether you’re looking to protect your personal valuables and family, or your office equipment and staff, a key holding service can keep everything and everyone safer. What’s more, it’s not always as expensive as you think and is definitely worth investigating.

At Suttie Site Services, we offer both a residential and commercial key holding service in and around Brighton. For pricing or more information, please call: 0844 241 5300.