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Why Mobile Alarms Trump Wired Alarm Systems

In the past, alarming a construction site was a cumbersome and time-consuming job, involving metres and metres of wires, only for alarms to be set off by birds or strong winds, or if there was a genuine intruder, response times were so slow that the alarm was practically pointless. Luckily, mobile alarms provide a much-improved security solution.

Here are a few reasons why:

Installation is fast and simple

In most cases, wireless mobile alarm systems can be installed on site and fully-functioning in less than 20 minutes. In contrast, wired systems require much more installation time so that wires can be safely put in place. In some cases, installation of wired alarm systems can be quite destructive and can require further contractor services, whereas mobile alarms can be installed with very little hassle.

Animal and weather proof

When alarm systems are installed outside to protect the perimeter of a site or building, a major concern can be that the alarms will be triggered by roosting birds, strong winds or even rain or snow. At Suttie Site Services, the PIR detectors that are mobile alarm systems are pet tolerant, so they will not be activated by birds or small animals. They are also weather proof, so there’s no need to worry that alarms will sound every time there is a strong breeze.

Easy to use

Mobile alarm systems are designed to be extremely user friendly. They can be operated, armed and disarmed by multiple devices, including wireless keypads and key fobs, or by using a mobile app.

Faster support

Simply sounding the alarm is just not good enough when you need a fast response to the site in case of a break-in. Wireless alarm systems can be connected to multiple phone numbers to let you know straight away if an alarm is activated, allowing you to call for emergency services as quickly as possible. We can also connect mobile alarms to manned response units who can attend your site should an alarm be set off.

In the case of an alarm malfunction, manned response units can usually see what the problem is remotely. In many cases, issues can even be fixed online, without needing to attend the site. In the past, technicians would always be required to see to any problems on site, leading to increased downtime for security.

Battery powered

Mobile alarm systems are completely battery powered. Whilst this may sound like a negative, it is in fact a key benefit of wireless alarms. The detectors use Lithium batteries that last for up to five years with normal use, compared to relying on battery power, where we are encouraged to check on the battery power on a regular basis.

Whilst a lot of wired systems have battery backup, these are just for emergencies and will usually deplete quickly. Battery powered systems are designed to be much more robust and reliable, so even if power is out in the local area, security measures remain in place. A further benefit of wireless alarm systems is that intruders can’t cut the power lines to deactivate your alarms.

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