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Why Construction Site Security Must Improve in the Winter Months

Incidents of theft and vandalism on construction sites rise significantly during the winter months causing loss of equipment, earnings and delays in building time across the sector.

Here we look at a few of the key reasons that sites are at greater risk from November through to February, and how these issues can be avoided.

Longer, darker nights

As with all business, residential and commercial premises, construction sites are an easier target for criminals during the winter months when the days are shorter and the nights far longer. This allows thieves and vandals far greater opportunity to access a site when it is dark and unoccupied, and gives them more time to steal, damage and vandalise.

Preventing forced entry to a site is made much easier through investing in deterrents such as security cameras and alarm systems, significantly lowering the chance of break-ins.

Exposed equipment

Because heavy onsite equipment such as plant machinery is difficult to store away and secure overnight or during weekends, they are more vulnerable to theft and vandalism. These items are expensive and essential to building works, so theft or damage can cause considerable cost and delay to site operations.

Again, increasing site security with the introduction of CCTV and alarm systems will help to make would-be trespassers think twice, but physical man-guarding can prove to be even more effective.

The festive break

The construction industry enjoys a traditional ‘shut-down’ over the Christmas period that will often see site work stop for up to three weeks. During this period, sites will often be left unattended for long periods, making them an obvious target for criminal activity.

In addition to standard security measures, an increasing number of construction companies use home alarm systems. This advanced technology, that can be operated remotely from any mobile phone or tablet device, will inform key personnel as soon as an alarm is triggered on site, giving them the chance to take immediate action.

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Why a Site Access Control System is Essential for Your Construction Site




As an employer, you have the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of your staff, however long they are contracted to work for you. Working on a construction site, your staff are exposed to a higher level of risk. In addition, there are dangers to consider which could potentially affect the public:


  • Materials or tools falling outside the site boundary
  • Trenches
  • Moving plant and vehicles


By law you must safeguard your construction site from unnecessary risks. According to HSE, you’ll need to take the right precautions with boundaries, adjacent land usage and access to exclude unauthorised persons and improve the health and safety of your site.


Restricting site access

Securing your premises by restricting access in and out of work hours, is crucial to protect the public from potential hazards and yourself from instances of theft or vandalism. If, as the contractor, you have possession of the site, you have an obligation to provide access to the principal and other authorised personnel. You’ll need to consider if there are any limits to their access in accordance with health, safety and security. When considering other staff, you should ensure that their access rights won’t interfere with the performance of their work or the project itself. Supervision will be necessary for authorised visitors as they are on site or visiting certain areas.

Setting site boundaries
Site boundaries should be defined by suitable fencing depending on the work environment.

It’s also a good idea to install fencing in secluded or low visibility areas to deter thieves after work hours. Separate entry and exit points should be set up for heavy plant and vehicle access to improve pedestrian safety.



In order to better control authorisation of staff and visitors, an access control system can be used to record exactly who has access to your site and to block unauthorised persons.


  • An access control system automatically links up with the data of your personnel. This will help to prevent the loss or damage to site assets and lower the risk of injury to staff and the public.


  • You’ll be automatically meeting legal safety and security requirements. This will protect you from liability should a health and safety or security incident occur.


  • At Suttie Site Services our systems can also be used for time and attendance, helping with overall project management.


We design, install and maintain custom access control system solutions for all construction sites. We can also provide proximity card access and biometric systems through finger prints, voice and facial recognition for increased site security. To find out more about securing your site with an access control system, you can call us on 0844 241 5300 to discuss your requirements.