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Key Holding

Keyholding, is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial premises for use in case the primary key is lost or stolen. Our keyholidng services protects your staff and business from unnecessary costs and inconvenience

suttielock Key Holding

We operate a fully insured, area wide key holding and response service for commercial and domestic clients all in accordance with the Key holding and Response code of Practice (BS7984)

suttiekey Commerical Key Holding

By safeguarding a set of keys to your building, we are on-call for any emergency services that you require 24 hours a day. Keys are stored and unmarked in accordance with regulatory standards, so we can provide lost key services and access to approved contractors, all with no disruption to your day to day operations.

suttiekey Residential Key Holding

If you lose your keys or lock yourself out, we can let you back in at any time of the day or night. We can provide access on an ad-hoc basis for a multitude of tasks, such as providing access for friends, family or contractors, when you are away from home, Or In the event of an emergency, we can supply a selection of pre-vetted tradesmen, such as glaziers, boarding specialists and locksmiths.