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construction site hoarding

The Benefits of Construction Site Hoarding

The term hoarding doesn’t just refer to collecting up and storing lots of things. It also refers to a temporary fence that is put around a building when it is undergoing construction work or repair.

Construction site hoarding offers a number of benefits:

  1. Security

Each year, tens of thousands of building sites fall victim to thefts that results in huge financial loss and tool downtime. Site hoardings are a proven method of deterring intruders and are an absolute necessity for contractors. They can be installed in various ways – either as a continuous run or to provide a safe compound for a designated area.

For shorter term products, metal hoarding is usually the first port of call as it is quick to deploy, robust and easy to store. Other types of hoarding that are often used are post in ground timber hoarding and free standing timber hoarding.

  1. Keeping things under wraps

During the construction of something exciting, a developer may not want the world to see everything that’s going on behind the scenes. Hoarding can help to provide a visual barrier that stops exciting developments from being seen until you want them in the public domain.

  1. Provides advertising opportunities

Hoarding doesn’t have to look plain, it can provide the perfect backdrop for advertisements, images and words. Printed hoarding panels can be a point of interest, advertising business and showcasing what the development will look like once it is finished.

  1. Safety

In areas where safety may be an issue, such as where forklifts and lorries are moving around, barriers are key in making a construction site a safer place for the people working there and for any passers-by.

  1. Protects the line of vision for drivers

Having a construction site on full display can be distracting to anyone driving past. Hoarding can ensure that the landscape is clearer, and allows drivers to focus on the road.


While there are a host of benefits related to construction site hoarding, it is also important to consider its safety as well as functionality. Ensuring that you work with a reputable construction hoarding provider who adheres to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Construction Regulations (2007) can help to prevent costly accidents as well as potential security breaches.