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Why a Site Access Control System is Essential for Your Construction Site




As an employer, you have the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of your staff, however long they are contracted to work for you. Working on a construction site, your staff are exposed to a higher level of risk. In addition, there are dangers to consider which could potentially affect the public:


  • Materials or tools falling outside the site boundary
  • Trenches
  • Moving plant and vehicles


By law you must safeguard your construction site from unnecessary risks. According to HSE, you’ll need to take the right precautions with boundaries, adjacent land usage and access to exclude unauthorised persons and improve the health and safety of your site.


Restricting site access

Securing your premises by restricting access in and out of work hours, is crucial to protect the public from potential hazards and yourself from instances of theft or vandalism. If, as the contractor, you have possession of the site, you have an obligation to provide access to the principal and other authorised personnel. You’ll need to consider if there are any limits to their access in accordance with health, safety and security. When considering other staff, you should ensure that their access rights won’t interfere with the performance of their work or the project itself. Supervision will be necessary for authorised visitors as they are on site or visiting certain areas.

Setting site boundaries
Site boundaries should be defined by suitable fencing depending on the work environment.

It’s also a good idea to install fencing in secluded or low visibility areas to deter thieves after work hours. Separate entry and exit points should be set up for heavy plant and vehicle access to improve pedestrian safety.



In order to better control authorisation of staff and visitors, an access control system can be used to record exactly who has access to your site and to block unauthorised persons.


  • An access control system automatically links up with the data of your personnel. This will help to prevent the loss or damage to site assets and lower the risk of injury to staff and the public.


  • You’ll be automatically meeting legal safety and security requirements. This will protect you from liability should a health and safety or security incident occur.


  • At Suttie Site Services our systems can also be used for time and attendance, helping with overall project management.


We design, install and maintain custom access control system solutions for all construction sites. We can also provide proximity card access and biometric systems through finger prints, voice and facial recognition for increased site security. To find out more about securing your site with an access control system, you can call us on 0844 241 5300 to discuss your requirements.

Is Your Construction Site Sufficiently Lit?

With the clocks about to go back an hour, evenings will be drawing in even earlier, making the days short and the nights long. Whilst this isn’t a problem in most industries, it does mean that additional lighting will be required for construction sites. With many building projects having to be turned around in as short a time as possible, this calls for workers to be on site for long hours per day, particularly as the deadline date for completion looms.

What forms of lighting may be required?

Depending on the nature of the construction project, chances are a site manager will need to hire a variety of different forms of light sources. For example:

• Floodlights for construction sites and compounds which will brightly illuminate large spaces in order for workers to continue to see their work area long after sunset
• Ground lights to light up smaller areas, ideal for use if only certain parts of the site are being worked on after hours
• Outdoor lighting which is robust enough to withstand the harsh winter elements
• Free standing indoor lights which can be moved from room to room as required


Lighting up public areas

Whilst lighting a construction site is primarily of benefit for the workers, it is of course necessary for members of the public, too. The area surrounding a construction site should be adequately lit to alert the public to the fact that this is a dangerous area not be entered without authorisation, and any pedestrian walkways which may guide people though a large site should also be well lit after dark in order to avoid trips and falls.

Mains feed supplied or battery powered?

It’s important to consider whether the lighting for the construction site can be powered by the mains feed, in which case there must be sufficient power sources close by in order to avoid hazardous trailing cables, or whether battery powered units need to be supplied. Free standing lighting powered by batteries may be a practical option if it is not going to be safe to have additional cables on the ground, however bear in mind that the batteries need to be charged at regular intervals to ensure they last for the duration of the project.

If you would like to find out more about having construction site lighting installed by fully trained NICEIC engineers in the South of England, give our team a call on 0844 241 5300.