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Five key advantages of Scaffold Alarms

Scaffolding is an important feature of most small and large-scale construction projects, providing essential access when working at height is required.

Unfortunately, scaffolding also provides greater ease of access to intruders during times when a building site is unattended, often resulting in theft, vandalism and even arson. To combat these issues there are a number of security methods available, the most popular being the installation of state-of-the-art scaffold alarm systems.

Here we look at some of the key security advantages that our specialist Scaffold Alarm systems offer, making them a preferred choice for building and construction companies.


Scaffold Alarm systems act as a highly efficient way of stopping attempted intrusion, bringing immediate attention to the site. They also provide an effective visual deterrent for would be intruders, helping to prevent robbery, graffiti and other damages.


Our Scaffold Alarms offer state-of-the-art motion sensor technology that provides incisive activation in the event of intrusion. These systems are also designed to eliminate the occurrence of false alarms, with advanced PIR detectors able to identify movement caused by weather conditions or wildlife.

Cost Effective

Portable and adaptable, Scaffold Alarms offer a long-term security solution that can be used on different sites and structures once a project has finished. Competitive rates and service costs also contribute to making this a highly popular security option within the industry.

Weather resistant

Waterproof, resilient and built to withstand everything British weather has to throw at them, our Scaffold Alarms are fully reliable regardless of the conditions. This provides peace of mind that site scaffolding is properly protected, even in high winds, frost or torrential rain.

24/7 coverage

Because the vast majority of site intrusions occur out of working hours, it is essential that alarm systems can guarantee 24/7 coverage. So our Scaffold Alarms have been specifically designed to offer long-lasting and efficient power supply, ensuring day and night perimeter protection.

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