Top 5 Security Benefits of Man Guarding

In a world where technology advances more each day, we often forget that the simplest and more traditional methods can often be just as effective. Man guarding is the oldest form of security – in practice before cameras and electric fencing were ever thought of. But even today with the most high-tech security equipment there are still a lot of benefits to man guarding.

5 Reasons You Should Secure Your Premise with Man Guarding:

  1. Immediate Response

Cameras are great for monitoring activity and fencing is great for keeping unwanted visitors out, however, neither can defend your site when something does go wrong and you’re waiting for emergency response to race to the premises way after being alarmed.

Having security guards present at the scene during an emergency can get the situation under control quickly and efficiently.

  1. Deterrent for Troublemakers

Before breaking in, burglars will often drive by the premise to review what they can see of your security operations to guide their plan on not getting caught. However, having on-site security guards can be tricky to get around, as they can be anywhere at anytime and are trained to prevent these situations.

Therefore, seeing security guards walking up and down the premise can deter troublemakers from attempting a break in as it’s too high risk.

  1. Identifying Danger Before Technology

Despite how much security tech you may have in your building, it won’t protect you from everything. As manned guards monitor the premise they can identify issues that not a lot of technology can, such as gas leaks and weather damage. Also, with senses other than sight, security may be able to hear break-ins before they’re caught on camera.

  1. Protection During Technical Difficulties

In the rare case that your premises face technical difficulties at least you will have the reassurance of having on-site security guards. Technical difficulties could arise at any time and you may not even realise it when it happens. But as long as you have man guarding in place, you can feel peace of mind.

  1. Safe Environment for Employees & Customers

In retail and nightlife settings, having to face a security guard when trying to intimidate or show violent behaviour towards customers and employees can deter a lot of troublemakers. Manned security guards are trained to identify suspicious behaviour that could potentially lead to danger and prevent it before it escalates.

Here at Suttie Site Services, we provide man guarding services from fully trained individuals to keep your premises safe. Our additional services also include the installation of CCTV cameras and fully monitored alarms for full security around the clock.

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